Désirée’s Baby


Kate Chopin

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Désirée’s Baby Characters

Madame Valmondé

A childless woman who adopts a baby abandoned at the gate of her husband’s plantation in Louisiana. The Valmondés raise the baby, who they name Désirée, as their own child, and Madame Valmondé considers… (read full character analysis)


A child found abandoned at the Valmondés’ gate in the shadow of a stone pillar. She is raised in the relative luxury of the Valmondés’ home, and marries Armand Aubigny, a wealth… (read full character analysis)


The rich heir to the Aubigny plantation and fortune. Armand is a strict and cruel master and manager of his plantation. He falls desperately in love with Désirée at first sight and woos her with… (read full character analysis)


The child of Désirée and Armand. The child’s appearance, which reveals his black heritage, is the catalyst for the conflict in this story. Armand, ashamed to have such a child, blames Désirée for the… (read full character analysis)

La Blanche

One of Armand’s slaves. La Blanche is mentioned several times in the short story in ways that imply a sexual relationship between her and Armand. Armand visits her cabin, and her child’s resemblance to… (read full character analysis)
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Madame Aubigny

Monsieur Aubigny’s wife and Armand’s mother. This French woman is revealed to be black through a letter written to her husband, which is uncovered by Armand at the end of the story. The… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Monsieur Valmondé
A childless man who finds a baby abandoned at the gate of his plantation in Louisiana. The child cries and calls for “Dada” when he picks her up. With his wife Madame Valmondé, Monsieur Valmondé raises the child, Désirée, as his own.
The wet nurse who cares for the baby. She is a slave.
Monsieur Aubigny
Armand’s father who has passed away before the short story begins, passing L’Abri onto his son. Monsieur Aubigny lived with his wife and son in Paris until his wife died and he and his son returned to Louisiana.