Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Jeff Kinney

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters

Greg Heffley

Greg Heffley, the author of the diary, has just started middle school. He is best friends with Rowley Jefferson, who is extremely unpopular and cares little about the middle school social hierarchy. Greg, however… read analysis of Greg Heffley

Rowley Jefferson

Rowley has been Greg’s best friend ever since Rowley’s family moved to the neighborhood a couple years ago. Greg thinks that Rowley has always been a bit uncool—when they met, for instance, Rowley had… read analysis of Rowley Jefferson

Greg’s Mom

Greg’s mom (who is also Roderick and Manny’s mom) is a supportive parent who encourages Greg to try a range of activities. However, Greg doesn’t always see the value in his mother’s attempts to… read analysis of Greg’s Mom

Greg’s Dad

While Greg’s mom tends to want Greg to explore different interests, Greg’s dad has more specific ideas about how he’d like Greg to spend his time. He encourages athletics, frequently telling Greg to go outside… read analysis of Greg’s Dad

Rodrick Heffley

Rodrick is Manny and Greg’s older brother. Like many teenagers, he doesn’t want to have much to do with his mom and dad. For instance, when his mom tries to dance along to… read analysis of Rodrick Heffley
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Manny Heffley

Manny is Greg and Rodrick’s younger brother and is only about three years old. Greg resents the attention and indulgence that their mom and dad give Manny, and Greg thinks that Manny can get… read analysis of Manny Heffley

Rowley’s Dad

Rowley’s dad is somewhat protective, since he puts a parental lock on the family entertainment system and forbids Rowley from playing violent video games. He also punishes Rowley and Greg for turning the basement into… read analysis of Rowley’s Dad


Fregley is a “weird kid” who lives near Greg’s house. Greg thinks Fregley is weird because he makes strange comments, seems oddly interested in gross things, and uses a “secret language,” like shouting “Juice!”… read analysis of Fregley

Marty Porter

Marty runs for the position of treasurer in the student government, competing against Greg. Worried that Marty will win because of his talent at math, Greg puts up posters around the school reminding people… read analysis of Marty Porter

Shane Snella

Shane is a younger and easily frightened kid in the neighborhood who pays two dollars to visit Greg and Rowley’s makeshift haunted house, which is actually the basement in Rowley’s house. Shane is terrified… read analysis of Shane Snella

Patty Farrell

Patty is a girl in Greg’s grade. She is something of a teacher’s pet, and Greg develops a vendetta against her when she stops him from cheating on a geography test. She has dreams… read analysis of Patty Farrell

Mrs. Norton

Mrs. Norton is the drama teacher at Greg’s school. She is very enthusiastic but somewhat clueless about middle school social dynamics, as when she tells Greg he has a “soprano” voice, embarrassing him in front… read analysis of Mrs. Norton

Mr. Ira

Mr. Ira is the teacher who runs the school newspaper. He publishes Greg’s comic strip, but with some “minor edits.” Unfortunately for Greg, these edits involve entirely changing the comic strip beyond recognition. In… read analysis of Mr. Ira

Uncle Charlie

Greg likes Uncle Charlie because he usually gives good Christmas and birthday gifts. Greg is frequently disappointed by his gifts from his parents, so he tends to ask his indulgent uncle for the things he… read analysis of Uncle Charlie
Minor Characters
Bryce Anderson
Bryce is the most popular boy at Greg’s middle school and is the best-liked by girls. Greg is envious and resentful of him, pointing out that he liked girls while Bryce was still calling girls “stinky poos.”
Abe Hall
Abe, one of Greg’s classmates, made the mistake of touching the “Cheese” and was thought to have the “Cheese Touch,” which made him a social outcast. Abe moved to California at the end of the school year.
Rowley’s Mom
Rowley’s mom is very protective of Rowley, much like Rowley’s dad is. She even goes so far as to make her son’s Halloween costume safer, which makes the knight costume unrecognizable.
Archie Kelly
Archie is one of Greg’s friends who also plays a tree in the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. When Manny shouts “bubby” during the performance—Greg’s embarrassing nickname—Greg pretends that the nickname refers to Archie. Consequently, Archie is made fun of at school the next day.
Collin Lee
Collin is, in Greg’s words, a “back-up friend.” After Rowley and Greg fight, Rowley starts hanging out with Collin, inviting him over for sleepovers and even wearing matching “Best Friends” t-shirts with him. Greg is jealous of Collin and Rowley’s friendship, although he is determined not to show it.
Mr. Winsky
Mr. Winsky is the teacher in charge of the Safety Patrol, a group of students who escort younger kids across the street. He initially punishes Rowley for terrorizing the kindergarteners, but after he realizes that Greg was in fact responsible, he reinstates Rowley and gives him a medal.