Ender’s Game


Orson Scott Card

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Ender’s Game Symbols

The Giant

During Ender Wiggin’s time at Battle School, he’s encouraged to play a virtual reality in which he confronts a Giant, who challenges him to choose between two potions, one of which is poisonous…

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The Mirror

After defeating the Giant, Ender spends his virtual reality game exploring a mysterious palace in which hangs a large mirror. When Ender looks in the mirror, he sees many things: his own face…

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The Hive-Queen Pupa

Throughout Ender’s Game, Ender acts as an agent of destruction: the IF grooms him to be a perfect commander, capable of leading soldiers to glorious victory against any enemy, no matter how deadly. This…

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The Battleroom

During Ender’s time in Battle School, his teachers make him fight mock-battles in a zero-gravity chamber called the battleroom. At first, Ender is frightened and incapable of controlling his movements in the battleroom…

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