Exit West


Mohsin Hamid

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The Preacher’s Daughter Character Analysis

A young woman Saeed meets through the preacher. Saeed resolves to avoid the preacher’s daughter upon first seeing her because he feels guilty about how taken he is by her beauty. Despite this, though, he finally has a long conversation with her when she asks him to tell her about his country during a remembrance ceremony for her deceased mother, who was originally from Saeed’s home city. Hamid notes that while Nadia never meets this girl in person, she senses her presence vicariously, because Saeed’s overall mood lifts after he meets her. And when Saeed and Nadia finally part ways, it isn’t long before Saeed falls into a relationship with and marries the preacher’s daughter.
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The Preacher’s Daughter Character Timeline in Exit West

The timeline below shows where the character The Preacher’s Daughter appears in Exit West. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10
Love and Connection Theme Icon
...that feeds people and teaches English. Before long, Saeed joins the organization and works with the preacher’s daughter , to whom he avoids speaking because his breath seizes when he looks upon her... (full context)
Love and Connection Theme Icon
Religion Theme Icon
...“this mystery that prayer link[s] him to,” which he finds himself able to articulate to the preacher’s daughter when she asks him—during a “remembrance for her [dead] mother”—to describe her mother’s country to... (full context)
Chapter 11
Love and Connection Theme Icon
...and, after their initial conversations that night, they start dating. Meanwhile, Saeed grows closer to the preacher’s daughter , who finds in him “an attitude to faith that intrigue[s] her.” As for Nadia... (full context)