Fahrenheit 451


Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 Characters

Guy Montag

A fireman and the book's protagonist. As the novel opens, Montag takes pride in burning books and the homes of people who illegally own books. After meeting Clarisse McClellan, however, he begins to face… read analysis of Guy Montag

Captain Beatty

Montag's boss at the fire station. Beatty is a complex character. He has committed to memory many passages of classic literature, and can quote them at will, yet as a fire captain he is… read analysis of Captain Beatty

Mildred Montag

Montag's wife. She drowns her unhappiness with pills and a constant barrage of media, fast driving, and other mindless distractions. The day after attempting suicide she has no memory of the event. She and… read analysis of Mildred Montag


A former English professor who describes himself as a coward because he did not act to try to change the direction in which society was headed. He uses a two-way radio to direct Montag through… read analysis of Faber

Clarisse McClellan

Montag's teenaged neighbor. She is unlike anyone Montag has met before. She has no interest in the violent, thrill-seeking pastimes of her peers. She prefers to walk, engage in conversation, observe the natural world… read analysis of Clarisse McClellan
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One of the scholar-outcasts Montag meets on the railroad tracks in the countryside. Unlike Faber, Granger has had the courage to act on his convictions and leave civilization. He and his comrades memorize works… read analysis of Granger
Minor Characters
Mrs. Phelps
A friend of Mildred's.
Mrs. Bowles
A friend of Mildred's.