Fools Crow

Fools Crow


James Welch

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Sturgis Character Analysis

A white man and heavy-singer-for-the-sick, presumably a doctor, for his own people. Sturgis marries a Pikuni woman who later dies of the white-scabs disease, and he visits the Lone Eaters’ camp with Pretty-on-top to tell them about the “juice” (that is, the vaccine) that can be injected into the body to prevent the disease.
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Sturgis Character Timeline in Fools Crow

The timeline below shows where the character Sturgis appears in Fools Crow. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 26
Colonialism and Western Expansion Theme Icon outlying band named Pretty-on-top rides into the Lone Eaters’ camp with a Napikwan named Sturgis. Sturgis is a heavy-singer-for-the-sick among his own people, and the two bring news of a... (full context)
Colonialism and Western Expansion Theme Icon
Sturgis tells the Lone Eaters that the disease is quickly spreading through the bands, and even... (full context)
Colonialism and Western Expansion Theme Icon
Spirituality and the Natural World Theme Icon
The Lone Eaters are distrustful of Sturgis and Pretty-on-top, and suspicious of any Pikuni who takes on the Napikwans’ ways as he... (full context)
Chapter 28
The Individual vs. the Collective Good  Theme Icon
...unable to sleep. He thinks about the men’s conversation earlier in the evening, in which Sturgis had told them not to allow Pikunis from other bands to enter their lodges. The... (full context)