Homage to Catalonia


George Orwell

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Homage to Catalonia Characters

George Orwell

The narrator and protagonist of the story, Orwell is a well-educated, upper-middle class English citizen. Before he travels to Spain to volunteer with a leftist militia known as the POUM, his ideology is limited to… read analysis of George Orwell

Orwell’s wife

While Orwell never names his wife in the story and she largely remains in the background of the narrative, she plays an important role in supporting him throughout his time in Spain. From Barcelona, she… read analysis of Orwell’s wife

Georges Kopp

Orwell’s commander in the POUM militia. He demonstrates his commitment to the Spanish Republican cause by sacrificing his Belgian nationality in order to fight in a foreign army. Characterized by a cheerful, nonchalant attitude… read analysis of Georges Kopp

Bob Smillie

A fellow Englishman in the POUM militia. Orwell considers twenty-two-year-old Smillie one of the strongest, most talented fighters he has met in the war. Arrested in Valencia on spurious charges, he is kept incommunicado and… read analysis of Bob Smillie

John McNair

The Independent Labour Party (ILP) representative in Barcelona. He is characterized by selflessness, bravery, and a dignified commitment to the Republican cause. During the Barcelona street fighting, he braves the dangerous, barricaded streets of Barcelona… read analysis of John McNair
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A fellow Englishman in Orwell’s militia, married to a Spanish woman. For multiple weeks, he is the only Englishman in Orwell’s company and Orwell shares a trench dug-out with him and his brother. After… read analysis of Williams
Minor Characters
A Polish captain in the trenches. Characterized by a strong French accent, he leads a raid against the Fascist forces which Orwell and other volunteers participate in.
Stafford Cottman
An eighteen-year old fellow Englishman in the POUM militia. Like McNair, he goes into hiding with Orwell during the wave of arrests in Barcelona in June 1937. He leaves the country on the same train as Orwell and his wife.