I Stand Here Ironing


Tillie Olsen

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Ronnie Character Analysis

Ronnie is the narrator’s youngest child and the brother of Emily and Susan. He is a baby at the time of the story’s telling. He uses the word “shoogily” to express the concept of comfort, a word that the narrator says Emily invented. His calm presence suggests that family life has gotten significantly more secure and stable since Emily’s childhood, and his use of Emily’s word indicates that her difficult childhood may have paved the way for her siblings’ comfort.
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Ronnie Character Timeline in I Stand Here Ironing

The timeline below shows where the character Ronnie appears in I Stand Here Ironing. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
I Stand Here Ironing
Poverty, Labor, and Domestic Life Theme Icon
Female Identity Theme Icon
Time Theme Icon
Obedience vs. Self-Expression Theme Icon
Responsibility and Guilt Theme Icon
Ronnie, the narrator’s youngest child, cries out to be changed, interrupting the narrator’s recollections. While cuddling... (full context)