Lone Survivor


Marcus Luttrell

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Marcus Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell is the protagonist, narrator, and hero of Lone Survivor. A Navy SEAL who fights in Iraq and Afghanistan, Luttrell is involved in Operation Redwing, the ill-fated SEAL mission in which Luttrell and… read analysis of Marcus Luttrell


The primary doctor for the tiny Pashtun village of Sabray, Sarawa is one of the key figures in the book, and arguably the person most responsible for saving Marcus Luttrell’s life. Sarawa finds Luttrell… read analysis of Sarawa

Mohammad Gulab

The official police chief for the village of Sabray and, along with Sarawa, the person most responsible for the survival of Marcus Luttrell. Gulab is a kind, honorable man, and he and Luttrell… read analysis of Mohammad Gulab

Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy / “Mikey”

Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy is the best friend of Marcus Luttrell, and one of the ill-fated SEALs involved in Operation Redwing. “Mikey” is a talented, compassionate SEAL, and during Operation Redwing, his compassion leads… read analysis of Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy / “Mikey”

Petty Officer Danny Dietz

Danny Dietz, who Marcus Luttrell describes as a calm, competent, but somewhat reserved man, is one of the four Navy SEALs involved in Operation Redwing. He fights bravely alongside his fellow SEALs, but dies in… read analysis of Petty Officer Danny Dietz
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Matthew Gene Axelson / “Axe”

Matthew Gene Axelson, or “Axe,” is one of the four Navy SEALs involved in Operation Redwing. He’s murdered in the “Battle of Murphy’s Ridge,” during which the SEALs fight off dozens of Taliban soldiers. Like… read analysis of Matthew Gene Axelson / “Axe”

President George W. Bush

The 43nd president of the United States from 2001 to 2009, Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000, and the president most associated with the “War on Terror” of the early 21st century. Bush was… read analysis of President George W. Bush

Ben Sharmak

Ben Sharmak (an alias that Marcus Luttrell uses throughout the book for legal purposes) is a highly dangerous Taliban leader whose capture or assassination is the goal of Operation Redwing. Over the course of the… read analysis of Ben Sharmak

Saddam Hussein

Dictator of Iraq during the early years of the War on Terror. Hussein was accused (by the Bush White House) of hoarding biological and chemical “weapons of mass destruction,” as well as collaborating with al… read analysis of Saddam Hussein
Minor Characters
Osama bin Laden
The Saudi Arabian founder and head of al Qaeda, the organization responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, and the figure most associated with the enemy side during America’s “War on Terror.” Bin Laden was killed by American troops in 2011.
Morgan Luttrell
Identical twin brother of Marcus Luttrell and, like Luttrell, a Navy SEAL.
Holly Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell’s mother.
Scottie Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell’s “kid brother.”
Senior Chief Danny Richard Healy
The leader of Marcus Luttrell’s SEAL team in Afghanistan, Danny Richard Healy is a talented soldier and a superb tactician (although Luttrell mentions, without providing any details, that he and Healy don’t always agree on things).
Petty Officer Shane Patton
Shane Patton is another member of Marcus Luttrell’s SEAL team in Afghanistan, described as being a stereotypically laid-back California surfer.
James Suh
James Suh is a member of Marcus Luttrell’s SEAL team in Afghanistan. Suh, a Chicago native, is described as being highly likeable.
The mother of Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy.
The girlfriend of Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy.
Billy Shelton
Former American soldier and Texas resident who trains the adolescent Marcus Luttrell and Morgan Luttrell to be tough and soldierly.
Instructor Reno Alberto
The tough ex-soldier who trains Marcus Luttrell and other Navy SEAL recruits. Luttrell greatly respects “Inspector Reno” for his compassion as well as his tough leadership.
Inspector Sean Mruk
Another tough ex-soldier who trains Marcus Luttrell and other Navy SEAL recruits.
Captain Joe Maguire
Highly respected commanding officer in SEAL Team Two.
Instructor Eric Hall
Marcus Luttrell’s instructor during Phase Three of his SEAL training.
Lieutenant Eric Kristensen
Commander of Marcus Luttrell’s SEAL Team, Team Ten.
Major Steve Reich
Commander of the emergency recovery mission deployed after the failure of Operation Redwing.
One of the Pashtun guards who protects Marcus Luttrell during his time in Sabray.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Chris Gothro
Military officer who assures Holly Luttrell that Luttrell hasn’t officially been declared dead.
Scott Whitehead
Wealthy Texan who builds Marcus Luttrell a house.
Admiral Mike Mullin
Pentagon’s chief of Naval Operations, and one of the many high-ranking military officials who personally meets with Marcus Luttrell after he returns to the United States.
Matthew Gene Axelson’s wife.
Pope John Paul II
Pope and leader of the Catholic Church from 1978 to 2005, and greatly admired by Marcus Luttrell.
President Hamid Karzai
American-supported Afghan president during much of the Bush Presidency.
Mullah Mohammad Omar
Afghan clergyman often considered to be the founder of the Taliban.
President Bill Clinton
The 42nd president of the United States.
Alexandre Dumas
Author of The Count of Monte Cristo, the basis for Marcus Luttrell’s favorite movie.