Art Spiegelman

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The French Man Character Analysis

A prisoner in Dachau, with whom Vladek becomes friendly. He cannot remember the man’s name, but remembers how they helped one another remain alive and sane through difficult days in the camp. He and Vladek exchange letters for years after the war, but Vladek destroys these at the same time as Anja’s diaries.
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The French Man Character Timeline in Maus

The timeline below shows where the character The French Man appears in Maus. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2, Chapter 3
Death, Chance, and Human Interdependence Theme Icon
In Dachau, Vladek meets a French man . (He has the head of a frog.) There are few French people in the... (full context)
The Holocaust and the Responsibility of its Survivors Theme Icon
Family, Identity, and Jewishness Theme Icon
Grief, Memory, and Love Theme Icon
Guilt, Anger, and Redemption Theme Icon
Artie asks what happened to the French man after Vladek left Dachau. Vladek says the French man – he can no longer remember... (full context)