Never Let Me Go


Kazuo Ishiguro

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Never Let Me Go Characters

Kathy H.

The novel’s narrator and protagonist, Kathy H. was a student at Hailsham and a friend of Ruth’s and Tommy’s. While at Hailsham, Kathy slowly realizes the truth of her fate—that she is a clone… read analysis of Kathy H.


One of Kathy’s best friends, Ruth is a complex and often difficult person. Her pride is her greatest weakness, and she often pretends to know about things of which she has no actual knowledge. Ruth… read analysis of Ruth


Kathy and Ruth’s friend at Hailsham, Tommy is known there for his temper tantrums, his lack of creative skills, and his “dullness.” Tommy dates Ruth though he is in love with Kathy, and by… read analysis of Tommy

Miss Lucy

A guardian at Hailsham, Miss Lucy is known for her discomfort with the “abstract” teaching methods at the school. Lucy believes the other guardians tend to hide or smooth over the realities of a… read analysis of Miss Lucy

Miss Emily

The head of school at Hailsham, Miss Emily is mostly feared by the students—she is rather strict but helpful, and is known for making long speeches imploring to students to remain healthy. Miss Emily… read analysis of Miss Emily
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Long thought to be Miss Emily’s superior and the “real” head of Hailsham, Madame is revealed to be co-founder of Hailsham with Miss Emily. Madame reveals to Tommy and Kathy that she has long… read analysis of Madame


Rodney’s girlfriend, Chrissie did not go to Hailsham but feels that Hailsham students are “preferred” by the government, and that they might be granted deferrals of up to three years (before they become carers and… read analysis of Chrissie


Another friend of Kathy’s at Hailsham, Moira attempts to befriend Kathy more closely after Ruth kicks both out of the “secret guard” defending Miss Geraldine. But Kathy takes Ruth’s side, telling Moira not… read analysis of Moira


A boy Kathy likes late in her time at Hailsham, Henry seems surprised when Kathy offers to have sex with him, and equally surprised when Kathy makes several excuses as to why she is… read analysis of Henry
Minor Characters
Miss Geraldine
A notably kind guardian at Hailsham, Miss Geraldine is noted for her indulgence of Tommy’s art, even though Tommy is a poor art student. Ruth founds a “secret society” designed to protect Miss Geraldine from an imaginary kidnapping.
Chrissie’s boyfriend, Rodney is also concerned with the possibility of receiving a deferral in order to live with Chrissie before beginning work as a carer. Rodney and Chrissie are unable to get deferrals, however, and Kathy learns from Miss Emily that this deferral process never really existed.
A jovial student at Hailsham, Laura sees Kathy later on, as both are working as carers. Laura finds the work of caring to be difficult, and tells Kathy that Hailsham is closing, although neither knows why this is happening at the time.
The maintenance man at the Cottages, Keffers is a gruff individual, but treats the students with a kind of quiet kindness when they need items for their houses or when they prepare to leave and begin their training.
Mr. Rogers
A guardian at Hailsham.
A man who lived with the others at The Cottages and went on to become a carer.
Miss Eileen
A guardian at Hailsham.