Out of This Furnace

Out of This Furnace

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The term “Hunky” is a derogatory epithet that Anglo steelworkers use to refer to Slovaks and other eastern European Slavic immigrant groups. The term derives from the second part of the name of the Austro-Hungarian… (read full term analysis)


This term is a prefix that refers to white, English-speaking persons of British, Irish, or other northern European origins. It derives from the phrase Anglo-Saxon, which refers to the earliest historical manifestation of the English… (read full term analysis)


This is an acronym for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steelworkers (usually shorted to simply “Amalgamated Association”). The AA was an American organized labor union formed in 1876 to represent primarily white, skilled, English-speaking… (read full term analysis)


The acronym for the American Federation of Labor, a national federation of labor unions established in 1886 as an umbrella organization for multiple different unions. The origins of the AFL go back to the famed… (read full term analysis)


An acronym for the Congress of Industrial Organizations, originally formed in 1935 as the Committee for Industrial Organization by labor leader John L. Lewis. Like the AFL, the CIO was formed as an… (read full term analysis)
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This acronym stands for Employee Representation Plan, a form of “company union” that an employing industry dominates and directs. Company Unions consist of representatives hand-selected by management and therefore exist to block independent unions from… (read full term analysis)