Piers Plowman


William Langland

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Simony Character Analysis

Simony is a shady character who conducts False and Meed’s wedding ceremony with help from Civil. Later, the extent of his evil is realized when he attacks Unity with Fortune, Lechery, and Covetousness and persuades the pope to appoint Antichrist’s allies as bishops. In practice, the term “simony” refers to the practice of selling and purchasing Church functions, sacraments, or offices (for example, pardons). Such practices were common, but were also seen by many as profoundly corrupt and a stain upon the Church.
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Simony Character Timeline in Piers Plowman

The timeline below shows where the character Simony appears in Piers Plowman. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Passus II
Corruption Theme Icon
...in the wedding planning, including common people, clerks, and knights. Will notices that two men, Simony and Civil, seem particularly intimate with Meed during this process. Eventually, the ceremony is set... (full context)
Corruption Theme Icon
Labor vs. Idleness Theme Icon
Simony and Civil conduct the ceremony by reading a “charter” procured by their friends Liar and... (full context)
Passus XX
Corruption Theme Icon
Penance and Repentance Theme Icon
Despite the momentary peace, Fortune, Lechery, Covetousness, and Simony resume their attack on Conscience and Unity. Simony talks the pope into appointing bishops who... (full context)