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Stephen Kelman

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A tro-tro is a share taxi common in Ghana. read analysis of Tro-tro

Dey touch

A Ghanaian term meaning crazy. read analysis of Dey touch


Obruni is the Ghanaian term for foreigner and usually means that person is white. It comes from the Twi language. read analysis of Obruni 


Adjei is a Ghanaian word used to express annoyance or dismay. read analysis of Adjei


Asweh is Ghanaian slang. It is a shortening of the phrase “I swear,” and has the same meaning. read analysis of Asweh
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Dirty Blows

Dirty blows refers to being punched or beaten. read analysis of Dirty Blows


A Ghanaian term meaning frightening. read analysis of Hutious


Slang for prostitute. read analysis of Tutufo


A game played in England wherein two people who say the same word at the same time are then forbidden from speaking. read analysis of Jinx


A term from Nigerian pidgin, meaning stab. read analysis of Chook