Rappaccini’s Daughter


Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Rappaccini’s Daughter Characters

Giovanni Guasconti

Giovanni, the story’s protagonist, is a young man who has recently moved to Padua to pursue his medical studies. He is exceedingly handsome, and he considers himself to be a man of reason. However, as… read analysis of Giovanni Guasconti

Beatrice Rappaccini

Beatrice is Giovanni’s love interest, Doctor Rappaccini’s daughter, and the source of the story’s controversy. By raising her in his garden of poisonous flowers, Rappaccini has raised Beatrice to be poisonous to any living thing—yet… read analysis of Beatrice Rappaccini

Giacomo Rappaccini

Giacomo Rappaccini is an old, accomplished medical scientist whose greatest work is a vibrant, exotic garden from whose plants he has made many powerful medicines. Rappaccini’s flowers are no ordinary garden herbs but rather plants… read analysis of Giacomo Rappaccini

Pietro Baglioni

Pietro Baglioni is a prominent physician of Padua, a university professor, and an old friend of Giovanni’s father who chooses to take the young medical student under his wing. Baglioni is an older, stately… read analysis of Pietro Baglioni

Dame Lisabetta

Little is revealed about this old woman, beyond that she often can be found at Giovanni’s lodgings and that she knows a lot about Paduan society. When the youth first arrives, she takes to him… read analysis of Dame Lisabetta
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