Rudyard Kipling

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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Terms


Also known as Brahma, the Hindu manifestation of the Supreme Soul, or God. read analysis of Brahm


Also known as a coppersmith barbet, a type of bird native to India. It’s so named because the sound it makes is similar to a coppersmith working metal. read analysis of Coppersmith


An aquatic rodent, similar to a beaver in some ways. Though native to North America, is has been introduced to other parts of the world, including India. read analysis of Muskrat

Segowlee (Sugauli) Cantonment

The setting of the story (Sugauli is the modern spelling) is a city in the north of India, near the border of Nepal. At the time of Kipling’s writing, it served as the site of… read analysis of Segowlee (Sugauli) Cantonment


Small birds native to the jungles of Asia. They’re so named because they tend to “sew” their nests together using leaves and fibers, kept high in bushes and trees to stay safe from danger. read analysis of Tailorbird
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