Robinson Crusoe


Daniel Defoe

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Robinson Crusoe Characters

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson is the protagonist and the narrator of the novel. He is individualistic, self-reliant, and adventurous. He continually discounts the good advice and warnings of his parents and others, and boldly seeks to make his… read analysis of Robinson Crusoe


A young boy who is sent with Robinson and Ismael on the Turkish pirate captain's fishing boat. He swears loyalty to Robinson after Ismael is pushed overboard and accompanies him along the coast of Africa… read analysis of Xury

The Portuguese Captain

A kind, generous captain who rescues Robinson and Xury off the coast of Africa. He takes Robinson to Brazil for free, gives him money for some of his cargo, and helps bring Robinson's English moneyread analysis of The Portuguese Captain


A Caribbean native, one of the "savages" that Robinson sees on his island. Friday is taken as a prisoner by some cannibals who prepare to eat him on Robinson's island, but he manages to escape… read analysis of Friday

Friday's Father

Robinson and Friday rescue two prisoners from some cannibals on the island: the Spanish prisoner and a man bound in a canoe. Friday is ecstatic when he realizes this man is actually his father. Friday's… read analysis of Friday's Father
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The Spanish Prisoner

Robinson saves this man from being eaten by some cannibals on his island. He identifies himself to Robinson as "Christianus," which could be Latin for his name (Christian, or Christiano) or could simply identify him… read analysis of The Spanish Prisoner

The English Captain

An English captain whose crew mutinies against him and plans to abandon him, his mate, and another loyal crewmember on Robinson's island. Robinson rescues the captain, who promises to take Robinson back to England… read analysis of The English Captain

Will Atkins

One of the sailors who mutinies against the English captain. The captain agrees to forgive most of the mutineers, but singles out Will as deserving to be killed for being the first to turn… read analysis of Will Atkins

Crusoe's Nephews

When Robinson returns to England, the only remaining members of his family are his two sisters and two nephews. He takes care of the nephews and raises one as a gentleman, while the other becomes… read analysis of Crusoe's Nephews

Crusoe's Wife

After returning to England from Lisbon, Robinson settles down, marries, and has children. His wife is a feature of the comfortable family life he has in England after his long, troublesome travels. However, once she… read analysis of Crusoe's Wife
Minor Characters
The anonymous character who introduces Robinson's story in the preface as if it is a true account of a real man's adventures.
Crusoe's Parents
Robinson's parents promise him a comfortable, middle-class life in England and advise him not to seek his fortunes as a sailor. Robinson disregards their advice and by the time he finally returns to England, both his parents are deceased.
Crusoe's Friend
Robinson's friend encourages him to join a London-bound boat early in the novel. He is the catalyst who spurs Robinson to finally break free from his home and parents.
The Shipmaster
The master of the first ship Robinson joins. After his ship is wrecked in a terrible storm, he advises Robinson to turn back and go home. Instead, Robinson continues to London and joins another vessel.
The Captain of the Guinea Vessel
The kind captain who leads Robinson on his one successful voyage to Africa. He dies after they return, though, leaving Robinson to join the boat again under a new captain.
The Captain's Widow
The wife of the Guinea Vessel's captain, with whom Robinson leaves some of his money before voyaging to Africa for a second time. At the end of the novel, Robinson sees her again and thanks her by giving her a large amount of money.
The Turkish Pirate Captain
The captain of the Turkish pirates who capture Robinson on his way to Africa. The captain takes Robinson as his personal slave.
A man who is sent with Robinson and Xury on the fishing boat from Sallee. Robinson tricks Ismael into going far out to sea, where he pushes him overboard so that he can escape.
Robinson's neighbor in Brazil, and a man of English descent. Wells is one of Robinson's few friends when he feels lonely on his plantation.
The Captain's Mate
The English captain's mate, who is left on the shore with him as a prisoner. He helps the captain take his ship back and kills the mutineers' captain, getting wounded in the process.
The Guide
While journeying to England from Lisbon by land, Robinson finds a guide to help direct his group across the Pyrenees, from Spain into France. The guide takes them by a route that ends up being dangerously filled with hungry wolves—one last mistake on Robinson's journey.
Captain of the ship from Brazil
The captain of the slave-trading ship that Robinson joins in a voyage to brings slaves from Africa to Brazil. The ship sinks, leading to Robinson being shipwrecked on the island.