Robinson Crusoe


Daniel Defoe

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Crusoe's Nephews Character Analysis

When Robinson returns to England, the only remaining members of his family are his two sisters and two nephews. He takes care of the nephews and raises one as a gentleman, while the other becomes a sailor. The two young nephews represent the two paths of life Robinson himself had a choice between in his youth: a comfortable gentlemanly life in England or an adventurous life at sea. At the end of the novel, Robinson joins his sailor nephew on a trading voyage.
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Crusoe's Nephews Character Timeline in Robinson Crusoe

The timeline below shows where the character Crusoe's Nephews appears in Robinson Crusoe. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 25
Society, Individuality, and Isolation Theme Icon
...parents were both dead and his only family members left were two sisters and two nephews. The English captain who Robinson had rescued gave him a reward of nearly 200 pounds. (full context)
Chapter 26
Contentment vs. Desire and Ambition Theme Icon
...decided to sell his Brazil plantation and settled in England, taking care of his two nephews. One he "bred up as a gentleman," and the other went to sea as a... (full context)
Christianity and Divine Providence Theme Icon
Contentment vs. Desire and Ambition Theme Icon
Strangers, Savages, and the Unknown Theme Icon
...two sons and a daughter. But after his wife died, Robinson decided to join his nephew on a trading ship to the East Indies. (full context)