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Rhonda Flowers Character Analysis

A girl whom Citra went to school with and, when they were children, pushed in front of a truck, rendering her deadish. Since humans in the immortal age can’t actually die naturally and are revived mere days after being deadish, Rhonda simply found the experience annoying, as she's a dedicated dancer and she missed her recital while she was in the revival center. Though she's thrilled and feels vindicated when Citra appears and confesses to her crime, Rhonda forgives her old classmate and declines when Citra offers for Rhonda to push her in front of a truck.
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Rhonda Flowers Character Timeline in Scythe

The timeline below shows where the character Rhonda Flowers appears in Scythe. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 19
Morality, Compassion, and Choices Theme Icon
The teenager Rhonda Flowers is eating ramen when her terrified mother sends her to the door to speak... (full context)
Surveillance, Corruption, and Justice Theme Icon
Morality, Compassion, and Choices Theme Icon becoming a scythe. Curie says that most people would've forgotten about the crime once Rhonda was revived, but Citra holds onto things. She suggests that this is why Faraday chose... (full context)