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Young woman Character Analysis

A young woman whom Siddhartha encounters as he walks to the town. As he asks her directions, Siddhartha finds himself lusting after her. His inner voice calls out to him to stop, though not before he strokes her face, which is the first time he has touched a woman. His interest in the young woman can be seen as a sign of (or even cause of) Siddhartha's interest in love, and soon after departing from the young woman Siddhartha sees Kamala in the town.
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Young woman Character Timeline in Siddhartha

The timeline below shows where the character Young woman appears in Siddhartha. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part Two, Chapter 5 – Kamala
The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment Theme Icon
Nature and the Spirit Theme Icon
Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Theme Icon
...a group of children run shyly from him. And outside the village, he encounters a young woman , washing laundry at a brook. The pair smiles at each other. Siddhartha politely asks... (full context)