Signs Preceding the End of the World


Yuri Herrera

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Signs Preceding the End of the World Terms

Verse (“Jarchar”)

Yuri Herrera adapts the medieval term jarcha to form the verb jarchar, which is translated as “verse” in English. A jarcha (commonly spelled kharja in English) was the verse that ended a longer poem—the… read analysis of Verse (“Jarchar”)


A traditional alcoholic drink made of fermented agave sap, which played an important mythological role in indigenous Mesoamerican religious rituals before the Spanish conquest of what is now Mexico. read analysis of Pulque

The Big Chilango

Mexico City, Mexico’s capital and by far its largest city. “Chilango” is a slang term for someone or something from Mexico City. read analysis of The Big Chilango


A common term for people who live along the border and help smuggle migrants from Mexico to the United States. read analysis of Coyote


A grain indigenous to Mexico that was a primary food staple before the Spanish conquest, and remains a common food in the country. read analysis of Amaranth
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Translation of paisano (“from the country”), used to refer to Mexicans born and raised in Mexico. read analysis of Homegrown