Silas Marner


George Eliot

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Silas Marner

A weaver by occupation, Silas Marner’s move from Lantern Yard to Raveloe creates the back-story for the novel. In Lantern Yard, Marner was a devoted participant in the local church. He is near sighted and… read analysis of Silas Marner

Godfrey Cass

The eldest son of Squire Cass, the most prominent man in Raveloe. Despite Godfrey’s good family, he makes poor choices and marries a lowly woman named Molly Farren. Together they have a… read analysis of Godfrey Cass


The young daughter of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren, Eppie wanders into Silas Marner’s cottage during a snowstorm in which her mother perishes. Eppie is a beautiful, golden-haired child and her hair color… read analysis of Eppie

Nancy Lammeter

An elegant young woman who lives in Raveloe, Nancy inspires Godfrey’s love and affection despite his unfortunate secret marriage. Nancy is a strong-minded woman who is committed to her ideals. For example, she… read analysis of Nancy Lammeter

Dunstan Cass

Squire Cass’s lewd younger son, Dunstan prioritizes drinking and gambling. He is unconcerned for others’ interests. He manipulates his brother, Godfrey, into giving him money to pursue his various pastimes. He sells Wildfire… read analysis of Dunstan Cass
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Dolly Winthrop

A village woman who befriends Silas Marner, Dolly is a persistent friend to Marner, and the person to whom he turns for help and advice after he adopts Eppie. Dolly is overflowing with… read analysis of Dolly Winthrop

Squire Cass

The head of the most prominent family in Raveloe, Squire Cass gives himself airs in claiming the title of “Squire” in the small village. His home and management of the estate is extravagant at… read analysis of Squire Cass

Molly Farren

Godfrey’s first, secret wife and the mother of Eppie, Molly is from a lower class family background than Godfrey. Molly is addicted to opium, and while she tries to blame her problems on… read analysis of Molly Farren

William Dane

A friend of Silas Marner’s in Lantern Yard, William Dane is more confident and self-assured than Marner. The two appear to be inseparable friends, but William Dane is harsher on those who are… read analysis of William Dane


Silas Marner’s fiancé in Lantern Yard, Sarah begins to turn away from Marner after he has one of his fits during a church service. Marner asks if she wants to break off their… read analysis of Sarah

The Osgoods

A prominent family in the town of Raveloe, the Osgoods are often compared to Squire Cass’s family. Like the Squire, the Osgoods host parties during the winter months. Mrs. Osgood is the aunt… read analysis of The Osgoods

Priscilla Lammeter

Nancy Lammeter’s less attractive sister, Priscilla is likeable for her good sense and strong character. She seems happily resigned to a life of caring for Mr. Lammeter, their father, and she encourages Nancy’s… read analysis of Priscilla Lammeter


Dolly Winthrop’s earnest son, Aaron meets Silas Marner when he is very young. Dolly hopes to help Marner by visiting him after the loss of his gold, and she brings her son to… read analysis of Aaron

Sally Oates

A woman in Raveloe whom Silas Marner helps when he sees that she is suffering from heart disease and dropsy. His mother had suffered from the same diseases, and he offers Sally Oates relief with… read analysis of Sally Oates
Minor Characters
Jem Rodney
Silas Marner accuses a young man in Raveloe, Jem Rodney, of stealing his gold as he once asked Marner about the money. Jem also once happened upon Marner in one of his fits and spread the story to whole village.
Mr. Macey
A Raveloe villager who serves both as a tailor and as the senior parish clerk. An elderly man, Mr. Macey entertains the other villagers and occupants of the Rainbow with stories from earlier days.
Mr. Tookey
Mr. Macey’s young deputy clerk. Mr. Tookey and Mr. Macey squabble from time to time, when both the youthful man and the elderly man are convinced that he is in the right.
Ben Winthrop
A friendly and fun-spirited villager. He is the husband of Mrs. Dolly Winthrop and the father of Aaron.
Mr. Lammeter
An established man in Raveloe society, and the father of Priscilla and Nancy. Priscilla cares for Mr. Lammeter as he ages.
Mr. Snell
The levelheaded landlord of the Rainbow, Raveloe’s local pub. Mr. Snell often settles disputes among his guests at the Rainbow.
Mr. Dowlas
A fiery man who works as the village farrier, making horseshoes and shoeing horses.
Master Lundy
Another passionate individual, Master Lundy is the local butcher. He frequently argues with Mr. Dowlas, the farrier.
Mr. Crackenthrop
The rector of the Raveloe church. He presides over the investigation of Silas Marner’s robbery.
Dr. Kimble
The village doctor. He is a lively and social man, and Squire Cass’s in-law.
Mrs. Kimble
The wife of the village doctor, and the aunt of Godfrey and Dunstan Cass.
The Miss Gunns
Two young ladies who attend Squire Cass’s party, as Mrs. Osgood’s guests.