Silas Marner


George Eliot

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Silas Marner’s fiancé in Lantern Yard, Sarah begins to turn away from Marner after he has one of his fits during a church service. Marner asks if she wants to break off their engagement, but they are officially engaged in the eyes of the church, and Sarah refuses. After Marner is framed as a thief, Sarah will not see him and later marries Marner’s once-friend and betrayer, William Dane.
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Sarah Character Timeline in Silas Marner

The timeline below shows where the character Sarah appears in Silas Marner. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
The Individual and Society Theme Icon
Fear of the Unknown Theme Icon
...certain, Silas was only hopeful and fearful. Marner was engaged to a young woman named Sarah, and he was thankful that this engagement didn’t interfere with his continued friendship with William... (full context)
Faith Theme Icon
The Individual and Society Theme Icon
The Limits of Human Knowledge Theme Icon
...was horrified by this blasphemy. Marner’s trust in God and in other humans was broken. Sarah broke off their engagement, and, in less than a month, Sarah married William Dane, and... (full context)