Sir Gawain and the Green Knight



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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Characters

Sir Gawain

The protagonist of the poem. He is King Arthur’s nephew and establishes himself as the very model of chivalry when he sacrifices himself to spare his uncle in the Green Knight’s beheading game… read analysis of Sir Gawain

The Green Knight

A massive, masculine, otherworldly figure that appears at Arthur’s hall and challenges any of the Knights of the Round Table to a strange "beheading game." He has supernatural qualities, most visibly his pure greenread analysis of The Green Knight

King Arthur

The king of Camelot and husband of Guinevere. He is the model of a good knight and the uncle of Sir Gawain. At the outset of the poem, he is compared to the noble… read analysis of King Arthur

Bertilak of Hautdesert

The noble lord of the castle where Gawain seeks refuge on his travels. He is described as being even more strong and knightly than King Arthur, and he reigns over a court that is less… read analysis of Bertilak of Hautdesert

Bertilak’s Wife

A beautiful lady who tempts Gawain on the three days that Bertilak is out at the hunt. She comes to his bedroom each day and procures kisses, using her wit to manipulate Gawain. It is… read analysis of Bertilak’s Wife
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Morgan Le Faye

An old woman at Bertilak’s court. The poet compares her with Bertilak’s beautiful young wife, showing how extreme natural changes can be over time. It is later revealed that she is a sorceress… read analysis of Morgan Le Faye
Minor Characters
Queen Guinevere
King Arthur's wife, is an object of elegance and beauty in the Camelot court. She sits among the Knights of the Round Table at the seasonal feasts, next to Gawain. She is a symbol of royalty, youth, beauty and womanhood.
Gawain’s horse. He is a noble steed and goes with Gawain throughout his journey.