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Athol Fugard

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In South Africa under apartheid, the term “township” usually meant a city neighborhood or suburb where non-white people—Black/African, Indian, or Colored (meaning mixed-race) —lived close to but segregated from “white” areas of the city. Technically, however, the term “township” could also refer to an all-white area.

Township Quotes in Sizwe Bansi Is Dead

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Racial Hierarchies and Wealth Inequality Theme Icon
Sizwe Bansi Is Dead Quotes

[Our man is amiably drunk. He addresses the audience.]

MAN: Do you know who I am, friend? Take my hand, friend. Take my hand. I am Mister Bansi, friend. Do you know where I come from? I come from Sky’s place, friend. A most wonderful place. I met everybody there, good people. I’ve been drinking, my friends—brandy, wine, beer . . . Don’t you want to go in there, good people? Let’s all go to Sky’s place.

Related Characters: Sizwe Bansi/Robert Zwelinzima/Man (speaker)
Related Symbols: Passbooks/Reference Books
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Sizwe Bansi Is Dead
Racial Hierarchies and Wealth Inequality Theme Icon
Acting and Truth Theme Icon
Documented Reality vs. Lived Reality  Theme Icon
In the South African township of New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, a youthful man named Styles walks into Styles’s Photographic Studio,... (full context)
Racial Hierarchies and Wealth Inequality Theme Icon
...When he told a friend about his problem, the friend told him to get a cat—township cats hunt insects because no one has enough money to feed them milk or meat,... (full context)