Cate Kennedy

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Sleepers Characters


Ray, the protagonist of the story, is a 35-year-old single man with no children who works part-time at a warehouse. He was previously in a romantic relationship with Sharon and seems to still have feelings… read analysis of Ray


Ray’s ex-girlfriend. Unlike Ray, Sharon has moved on to a new relationship. She still lives at the same house that she and Ray once shared, implying she has a stable job that allows her… read analysis of Sharon


One of Ray’s friends and Sean’s father. Although Steve is presumably a similar age as Ray, he has a family and owns a home. And though his job is not mentioned, readers can… read analysis of Steve


Steve’s teenage son. Ray encounters him at Steve’s barbecue but cannot recall his name until Steve uses it, even though they’ve met before and have even gone on a fishing trip together. Ray attempts… read analysis of Sean


One of Ray’s friends. Vince serves as the primary voice of complaints about the outsourcing of the construction jobs. Vince and Ray discuss the project at the pub and on the ride home, where… read analysis of Vince
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One of Ray’s friends who frequents the pub. Having been unemployed for 14 months, Frank angrily complains about how the contractors behind the construction intend to sell the sleepers for profit instead of leaving… read analysis of Frank


One of Ray’s coworkers at the warehouse. Although they work in the same position, Bernie is enthusiastic about acquiring sleepers to complete a pool area in his backyard, suggesting he puts more effort into… read analysis of Bernie

The Road Worker

The road worker is the flagger Ray encounters at the beginning of the story, who is only described by his construction uniform of sunglasses, fluorescent vest, and hard hat. His face is expressionless, and his… read analysis of The Road Worker