The Autobiography of Malcolm X


Malcolm X

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Glasses, a Suitcase, and a Watch Symbol Analysis

Glasses, a Suitcase, and a Watch Symbol Icon

Shortly after he is released from prison, Malcolm goes to a store and purchases three items: a pair of glasses, a suitcase, and a watch. These will be his most valuable possessions throughout the rest of his life; in fact, they embody the nature of that life. Malcolm will spend the next thirteen years as a major leader in the Nation of Islam. In that capacity, he travels all around the world, works long days filled with meetings and events, and spends countless hours reading, either for work or as a way to continue to build his knowledge. These are the tools that he will use to achieve his greatest goal: to build the Nation of Islam. These three items, however, are not only his most valuable or useful possessions; they are also perhaps his only possessions. Malcolm repeatedly states that he owned no personal property and he never gained financially from his speeches and work for the Nation. In them, we see both a steadfast commitment to his religion and a symbol of his great humility.

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Glasses, a Suitcase, and a Watch Symbol Timeline in The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The timeline below shows where the symbol Glasses, a Suitcase, and a Watch appears in The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 12: Savior
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...Detroit, but does not share his religious beliefs), Malcolm goes out to buy three things: a pair of eyeglasses, a suitcase, and a watch . Malcolm has reflected many times that not only are these perhaps his only personal... (full context)