The Blue Hotel


Stephen Crane

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The Blue Hotel Characters

Pat Scully

Pat Scully is the proprietor and owner of the Palace Hotel and the father of Johnnie Scully. He has been a resident of Romper, Nebraska for fourteen years, and is an avid and well-respected… read analysis of Pat Scully

The Swede

The Swede is the most mysterious of all the hotel guests, and little is known about his background. In fact, the other characters speculate on whether he is a Swede at all; the cowboy suggests… read analysis of The Swede

The Cowboy (Bill)

Though in moments Scully refers to him as Bill, the cowboy is most often referred to by his moniker throughout the text. The cowboy arrives by train to Romper with the Swede and theread analysis of The Cowboy (Bill)

The Easterner (Mr. Blanc)

The Easterner, referred to by Scully as Mr. Blanc, is a small, unassuming man. He arrives by train with the other hotel guests and is quiet and agreeable for the majority of the story. The… read analysis of The Easterner (Mr. Blanc)

Johnnie Scully

Johnnie is the hotel proprietor Scully's son, and an avid card player. After he and his friend the old farmer get into an argument about a game of cards, he challenges the Easternerread analysis of Johnnie Scully
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Johnnie's Mother

Johnnie's mother remains nameless in the text, and only appears once, to scold her husband Scully and take care of her son Johnnie after he loses the fight with the Swede. She is significant… read analysis of Johnnie's Mother

The Barkeeper (Henry)

Henry, the barkeeper, serves the Swede alcohol when he arrives in the saloon after leaving the Palace Hotel. When tensions rise between the Swede and the other saloon patrons, Henry is obviously on the side… read analysis of The Barkeeper (Henry)

The Gambler

The gambler is a particularly strange character in the story–described as being duplicitous yet accepted by the other men in town because of his charming, gracious behavior and willingness to adapt to his place in… read analysis of The Gambler
Minor Characters
The Old Farmer
An acquaintance of Johnnie and Scully, he is introduced while playing cards in the hotel with Johnnie when the guests arrive. He gets into a series of arguments with Johnnie over the card game and leaves soon after dinner.