The Blue Hotel


Stephen Crane

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Johnnie's mother remains nameless in the text, and only appears once, to scold her husband Scully and take care of her son Johnnie after he loses the fight with the Swede. She is significant nevertheless because she is the first character to question the progression of the conflict between the men–she openly denounces their violence, giving voice to the idea that the men are all guilty for allowing their disagreement to escalate.
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Johnnie's Mother Character Timeline in The Blue Hotel

The timeline below shows where the character Johnnie's Mother appears in The Blue Hotel. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Section 6
Fate, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility Theme Icon
Vulnerability and Violence Theme Icon
...hotel and gather around the stove to warm up. Suddenly women enter the room, including Johnnie's mother . She scolds Scully for allowing their son to get so badly hurt, telling him... (full context)