The Caucasian Chalk Circle


Bertolt Brecht

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle Symbols

The Saffron Boots

After Governor Georgi Abashwili is overthrown by the Fat Prince, Georgi’s wife Natella is urged to flee the city before the rioting peasants, or the newly-in-power Fat Prince, can get to her and harm…

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The Red Sky

When Governor Georgi Abashwili is removed from power, the sky over the town of Nuka turns red with fire as the peasants, far from the palace, begin to riot. Later in the play, when Grusha

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The Statute Book

Azdak, the unconventional judge of Nuka, becomes known throughout the land as a Robin Hood figure who champions justice for those deserving of it—not for those corrupt individuals who attempt to bribe or sway…

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