The Communist Manifesto


Karl Marx

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The Communist Manifesto Characters


The bourgeoisie is the dominant social class within capitalist society that has risen to power in line with industrialization. They are driven by profit and use free trade to accumulate wealth, property, and power. Because… read analysis of Bourgeoisie


The proletariat is the class of people that consists of anyone who the bourgeoisie suppresses and exploits—in short, anyone that is forced to work for the bourgeoisie because of their economic circumstances. The proletariat differs… read analysis of Proletariat


Communists are members of communist parties and, more generally, people who support communism. Communists strive for the empowerment of the proletariat and the destruction of the bourgeoisie. In order to bring about this… read analysis of Communists


The aristocracy is a ruling class that has seen its power diminish and, in some countries, disappear entirely under the bourgeois capitalist system. Like the bourgeoisie, they hold great wealth and private property, typically passed… read analysis of Aristocracy


Peasants were one of the earlier oppressed classes that Marx and Engels discuss in their historical analysis of the rise of the bourgeoisie. The peasants that the authors are thinking of are those who… read analysis of Peasants
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Artisans are skilled laborers. Marx and Engels refer to them in relation to those economic systems that preceded capitalism. Under some previous systems, artisans of a given craft were members of a guildread analysis of Artisans