The Jungle

The Jungle


Upton Sinclair

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Jadvyga and Mikolas Character Analysis

Jadvyga and Mikolas are an immigrant couple who are friends with Jurgis and Ona. Their tragic story of mistreatment by the factory system foreshadows the misfortunes Jurgis and Ona will experience. When Ona is held overnight by Phil Connor and unable to return home, she claims to have stayed at Jadvyga's as an alibi so as to avoid driving Jurgis to fury.
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Jadvyga and Mikolas Character Timeline in The Jungle

The timeline below shows where the character Jadvyga and Mikolas appears in The Jungle. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 15
The Dehumanizing Evils of Capitalism Theme Icon
Family, Masculinity, and Individualism Theme Icon her work. Ona shows up and tells him that she stayed with a friend, Jadvyga Marcinkus , because she was unable to get home. (full context)