The Last Lesson


Alphonse Daudet

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The Bulletin-Board

The bulletin-board that hangs outside the town hall represents the oppression of the Prussian occupiers who have invaded the region of Alsace-Lorraine, where the village that is home to the narrator, Franz, is located…

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The Classroom

The classroom in which the narrator, Franz, gathers with other pupils and villagers to hear M. Hamel’s last lesson represents the power of education. It is there that the blackboard is located; and…

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The French language is a symbol of French cultural identity. Franz’s teacher, M. Hamel, lectures the gathered pupils and villagers—who have just received news that Prussian occupiers have banned the teaching of French…

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The Blackboard

The blackboard on which M. Hamel writes the words “Vive la France!” (“Long live France!”) at the end of the last lesson represents the power of patriotism and resistance. That the blackboard is located within…

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