The Memory Police


Yoko Ogawa

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R’s Wife Character Analysis

R is married throughout the novel, but he and his wife are never together in any scene. After R goes into hiding, his wife—who is pregnant—is only able to communicate through secret notes that the old man brings to R. Despite having to move back to her parent’s home after R goes into hiding, R’s wife is very supportive of and grateful to the unnamed narrator for keeping R safe. R’s wife gives birth to their son midway through the story, but R never gets to meet his child.
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R’s Wife Character Timeline in The Memory Police

The timeline below shows where the character R’s Wife appears in The Memory Police. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10 
Authoritarianism and Surveillance Theme Icon
...him to hurry and get himself ready, but he cuts her off saying that his wife is pregnant, and that he won’t leave her behind. The narrator says that it is... (full context)
Chapter 11 
Authoritarianism and Surveillance Theme Icon
The narrator and the old man figure out how to communicate with R’s wife, who is now living with her parents while she waits to give birth. R’s wife... (full context)
Chapter 14 
Memory and Connection  Theme Icon
Loss, Isolation, and Identity Theme Icon
Fate vs. Free Will Theme Icon
Not long after the old man’s return, R’s wife gives birth to their baby boy. The narrator facilitates the communication between R and his... (full context)
Loss, Isolation, and Identity Theme Icon
When the narrator opens the trap door to give R his wife’s package, she notes that his body seems smaller than it used to, like it’s shrinking... (full context)