The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray


Oscar Wilde

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Characters

Dorian Gray

Represents the ideal of youth, beauty and innocence to his new acquaintances Basil and Lord Henry. He is the subject of the wonder and affection of Basil, and is immortalized in Basil’s painting as… read analysis of Dorian Gray

Lord Henry Wotton

Cultured and intellectual, he inhabits the most fashionable circles, spreading his own brand of highly intelligent, paradoxical philosophies about art and life. He is a powerful, often poisonous influence on young Dorian. As the… read analysis of Lord Henry Wotton

Basil Hallward

The painter who becomes enamored with Dorian Gray’s beauty and innocence, seeing him as the ideal to which his work has always aspired. He makes Dorian sit for hundreds of portraits. When one day… read analysis of Basil Hallward

Sybil Vane

A young actress, from a poor family, who performs Shakespeare’s heroines every evening at a low class theater. Dorian falls in love with her performances, but she finds performance paltry in comparison to true love… read analysis of Sybil Vane

James ‘Jim’ Vane

The burly sailor brother of Sybil Vane and very different from his sister in experience and appearance. He is rough looking but very decent and seeks above all else to protect his sister. He threatens… read analysis of James ‘Jim’ Vane
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Alan Campbell

is called on by Dorian to dispose of Basil Hallward’s body. He is a scientist whom Dorian knew intimately once, but grows like many others to despise Dorian and doesn’t want anything to do… read analysis of Alan Campbell

The Duchess of Monmouth

A clever and pretty member of Lord Henry’s social set. She is unusual amongst the women of the novel as one of the only ones able to impress Lord Henry and keep up equal… read analysis of The Duchess of Monmouth
Minor Characters
Mrs. Vane
The theatrical mother of Sybil Vane. Her obsession for ‘scenes’ and drama leads her to some quite unmaternal behavior. She feels awkward around her less attractive son, but when she confesses how similar her own romantic history is to Sybil’s predicament, we see her in a new light.
Dorian’s valet at the time when he discovers the nature of the portrait and hides it. Dorian suspects him of being a spy, which only highlights the paranoid tricks that Dorian’s mind is playing on him. There is nothing to suggest that Victor is not a completely loyal servant.
Adrian Singleton
Another former friend of Dorian’s, who has been ruined and now sits in opium dens all day. Adrian gives a glimpse into the real human consequences of Dorian’s influence.