The Secret Garden


Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The London Doctor Character Analysis

A doctor that saw Colin several years ago and prescribed nothing but fresh air, recognizing that there was nothing wrong with Colin. Because this wasn't what Colin wanted to hear at the time, he never took the London doctor's diagnosis seriously and only begins to consider it when Mary and the nurse tell Colin that as far as they can tell, there's nothing wrong with him.
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The London Doctor Character Timeline in The Secret Garden

The timeline below shows where the character The London Doctor appears in The Secret Garden. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 13
Secrets and Independence Theme Icon most of his life. He wore a brace for a while, but then a London doctor said the brace was useless and prescribed fresh air. Colin, however, hates fresh air. (full context)
Chapter 14
The Power of Thought Theme Icon
...Colin isn't a hunchback yet, but they're afraid his back is weak. Martha mentions the London doctor , who insisted that Colin was fine but spoiled. Mary agrees with this assessment, and... (full context)
Healing, Growth, and Nature Theme Icon
The Power of Thought Theme Icon
Childrearing and Friendship Theme Icon
...everyone, especially Dr. Craven and the servants, want him to die. Mary asks what the London doctor said. Colin says that the doctor insisted that if Colin wanted to live, he would.... (full context)
Chapter 17
Healing, Growth, and Nature Theme Icon
The Power of Thought Theme Icon
...a minute. Then, he asks the nurse if he could live. The nurse, remembering the London doctor 's words, says that if Colin goes outside and doesn't act so horrible, he might.... (full context)