The Shack


William P. Young

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The Shack: After Words Summary & Analysis

Mack’s friend Willie once against returns as narrator. Willie says that now, The Great Sadness has lifted from Mack and he seems to embrace change. He is quick to love and forgive, causing a ripple effect through all his relationships. It seems that he is living the childhood he never got to experience. Furthermore, Mack is hoping to speak with Missy’s killer at some point.
Since Mac confronted the guilt at the heart of his depression, that depression has lifted, and Mack has been able to enjoy life more profoundly. He has taken the lessons of forgiveness to all of his relationships. And letting go of his deepest judgment for Missy’s killer has allowed him to love others more openly and honestly. And his change in behavior and outlook affects not only him, but all those around him.
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Willie says that Mack is hoping for a revolution of love and kindness revolving around Jesus and what he has done for us all. It will be a quiet revolution rooted in daily kindness that will connect everyone with Sarayu, Jesus, and Papa.
Willie concludes by tying the positive changes in Mack’s relationships to the nature of God, saying that he believes understanding God and God’s relationship to people will help people connect to one another more deeply.
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