The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


Alexandre Dumas

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The Three Musketeers: Chapter 64 Summary & Analysis

Athos finds a map and sends each of the musketeers’ servants down a different road in search of Milady. While the servants complete their search, Athos grabs his sword and then goes looking for a particular house. Eventually he finds the house he is looking for. Inside is a man whom Athos asks to come along on the musketeers’ mission. At first, the man refuses, but ultimately assents after Athos threatens violence. When Athos returns to the convent, Planchet tells him that he’s found Milady in Armentières. Everyone prepares to depart for Armentières. However, just before they are ready to leave, Athos goes and gets the man he talked to previously, who is now wearing a red cloak. No one except Athos seems to know who the man is.
Here, the novel approaches its endgame. Many of the key players come together for one final showdown against Milady, who has gone to Armentières to meet Rochefort. The man in the red cloak is obviously someone of significance, but Athos decides to keep the others in the dark as to his identity. However, his red cloak is an overt symbol of death and vengeance, suggesting that he will have something to do with Milady’s death if it does, in fact, come to pass.
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