The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


Alexandre Dumas

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Friendship and Loyalty

D’Artagnan befriends his fellow musketeers by siding with them against the cardinal’s men in a battle. Together the men succeed in combat and their experience forms the basis of their friendship. It is a friendship based on the group’s mutual loyalty, which in turn is characterized by their ability to compromise their individual needs and desires for the good of their group. This attitude is summed up in the famous motto of D’Artagnan and his…

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Honor is a concept that is central to the musketeers’ way of life. The musketeers only act in ways that they believe are honorable and do their best to never bring dishonor on themselves or their friends. However, it is sometimes difficult to know what counts as an honorable action and what counts as a dishonorable action. Clearly, one way for the musketeers to act honorably is to fight well in battle. This is exemplified…

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Class and Power

Class is a notable factor throughout The Three Musketeers. Class divides can clearly be seen when examining the relationships between the musketeers and their servants, and even among the musketeers themselves. However, the largest class divides in the novel—those between monarchs and their subjects—prove to be the most important. The Three Musketeers depicts the ruling powers as rather selfish entities who plunge their entire kingdoms into war and strife because of their own whims…

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The Secrets of the Past

In The Three Musketeers, the past never stays buried. Several prominent characters carry the secrets of the past around with them. By the end of the novel, these secrets are exposed and the characters who keep them are worse off for having done so in the first place. This especially applies to Lady de Winter and Athos, whose secrets are inextricably linked to one another. Eventually, d’Artagnan and the other musketeers learn that…

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Seduction and Romance

Seduction and romance appear throughout The Three Musketeers, as nearly all of the major characters are involved or were involved in a romantic relationship that affects the plot. Most notably, the Duke of Buckingham and Queen Anne are romantically interested in one another, and their interest leads to a war between England and France. Likewise, d’Artagnan’s love for Madame Bonacieux, one of the queen’s servants, leads him on several quests that take…

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