The Wasp Factory


Iain Banks

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The Skull Grounds Term Analysis

The hills behind Frank’s home where Old Saul was buried. It has since become an all-purpose pet graveyard.

The Skull Grounds Quotes in The Wasp Factory

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Chapter 2 Quotes

Eric in particular was very upset. He cried like a girl. I wanted to kill Blyth there and then; the hiding he got from his father, my dad’s brother James, was not enough as far as I was concerned, not for what he’d done to Eric, my brother. Eric was inconsolable, desperate with grief because he had made the thing Blyth had used to destroy our beloved pets. He always was a bit sentimental, always the sensitive one, the bright one; until his nasty experience everybody was sure he would go far. Anyway, that was the start of the Skull Grounds, the area of the big, old, partially earthed-over dune behind the house where all our pets went when they died. The burned rabbits started that. Old Saul was before them, but that was just a one-off thing.

Related Characters: Francis “Frank” Leslie Cauldhame / Frances Lesley Cauldhame (speaker), Eric Cauldhame, Blyth Cauldhame, Old Saul
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The Skull Grounds Term Timeline in The Wasp Factory

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Chapter 6: The Skull Grounds
Ritual and Superstition  Theme Icon
Sexism and Gender Roles Theme Icon
...Saul’s skull was buried on a hill behind the house, which Frank eventually named the Skull Grounds . Angus claimed to have cut Old Saul open and retrieved Frank’s genitals, but Frank... (full context)