Till We Have Faces


C. S. Lewis

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The New Queen Character Analysis

Psyche’s mother, the King’s second wife, is known only as the Queen. She comes from the kingdom of Caphad, but the alliance with Caphad proves badly chosen when it becomes clear that Caphad is losing land and wealth. As a result, the King is rough with his wife, who was weak and shy to begin with. She loves Orual and Redival like sisters rather than like children, and she dies giving birth to Psyche.
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The New Queen Character Timeline in Till We Have Faces

The timeline below shows where the character The New Queen appears in Till We Have Faces. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1: Chapter 1
Love and Devouring Theme Icon
Beauty vs. Ugliness Theme Icon
...new queen is terrified. She realizes how frightening her father looks. The girls take off the new Queen ’s clothing and leave her in the bed. (full context)
Part 1: Chapter 2
Love and Devouring Theme Icon
The new Queen survives less than a year. She becomes pregnant, and the King is ecstatic, sacrificing to... (full context)
Earthly vs. Divine Theme Icon
On the night the new Queen gives birth, superstition dictates that no one go to sleep. They sit in the great... (full context)
Justice Theme Icon
Orual has the wild idea to visit the new Queen . As the Fox tries to stop her, the King comes out of the Queen’s... (full context)
Love and Devouring Theme Icon
...the rest of the day. Batta shaves Orual’s head along with Redival’s and confirms that the new Queen has died. The baby, a girl, lives. Orual thinks of her cut hair as a... (full context)