Titus Andronicus


William Shakespeare

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Titus Andronicus Characters

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Titus Andronicus

The tragic hero of the play, Titus is a Roman general who returns to Rome from war with the Goths at the beginning of the play. Because of his many heroic deeds at war, the… read analysis of Titus Andronicus

Marcus Andronicus

Marcus is Titus’ brother and a Roman tribune (an elected official). He advises Titus throughout the play and attempts to reason with him as he slides more and more into a vengeful rage. He survives… read analysis of Marcus Andronicus


Saturninus is the oldest son of the recently deceased Roman emperor and thus becomes emperor at the beginning of the play. When Titus’ sons and Bassianus claim that he cannot marry Lavinia, as he… read analysis of Saturninus


Tamora is the queen of the Goths and is brought to Rome as a prisoner by Titus. She begs him not to kill her son Alarbus, but when he does she vows revenge… read analysis of Tamora

Aaron the Moor

Aaron is Tamora’s secret lover and fathers a child with her. Of African descent, he takes abuse from both the Andronicus family and from Demetrius and Chiron for his dark skin. While the distinction between… read analysis of Aaron the Moor
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The daughter of Titus, Lavinia is notably passive in the play. She is given away in marriage, then raped by Demetrius and Chiron. They cut out her tongue and cut off her hands… read analysis of Lavinia


Lucius is one of Titus’ sons and the only one to survive the entirety of the play. After being exiled from Rome, he goes to the Goths and raises an army to challenge Saturninusread analysis of Lucius
Minor Characters
Saturninus’ younger brother, Bassianus does not allow Saturninus to marry Lavinia, as she was originally his own betrothed. He is killed by Demetrius and Chiron, but Titus’ sons Quintus and Martius are framed for the murder and executed for it.
Demetrius and Chiron
Demetrius and Chiron are Tamora’s two sons, who carry out Aaron and Tamora’s plans for revenge against Titus. They are presented as heartless and cruel, mocking Lavinia, for example, after raping and disfiguring her.
Quintus and Martius
Titus’ two sons, who are framed for the murder of Bassianus and then executed by Saturninus for the crime. Their death spurs Titus to turn against Saturninus at last.
Young Lucius
Young Lucius is Titus’ grandson and the son of Lucius. A young boy, he survives the entire tragedy as essentially an innocent bystander and, as someone unsullied by the bloodshed of the play, perhaps offers some hope of a brighter future for Rome.
Publius is the son of Marcus Andronicus.
Aemilius is a Roman messenger who helps propel the plot along, leading to the banquet with which the play concludes.
Alarbus is Tamora’s oldest son. Titus has him killed in return for the deaths of his own children, thereby setting in motion the revenge-fueled chain of events that makes up the tragic plot of Titus Andronicus.
One of Titus’ sons, Mutius tries to prevent the marriage of Lavinia and Saturninus. Angry at this betrayal of the emperor, Titus kills him.