Under Milk Wood


Dylan Thomas

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Voice of a Guide-Book Character Analysis

The Voice of a Guide-Book interrupts First Voice and Second Voice’s narration early in the play to give the listener an overview of Llareggub’s physical, historical, and social characteristics. Although the Guide-Book admits that Llareggub is modest and somewhat run-down, it suggests that the town possesses a “picturesque sense of the past,” and that its people are unique and eccentric.

Voice of a Guide-Book Quotes in Under Milk Wood

The Under Milk Wood quotes below are all either spoken by Voice of a Guide-Book or refer to Voice of a Guide-Book. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Nostalgia  Theme Icon
Under Milk Wood Quotes

Less than five hundred souls inhabit the three quaint streets and the few narrow by-lanes and scattered farmsteads that constitute this small, decaying watering-place which may, indeed, be called a ‘back-water of life’ without disrespect to its natives who possess, to this day, a salty individuality of their own. The main street, Coronation Street, consists, for the most part, of humble, two-storied houses many of which attempt to achieve some measure of gaiety by prinking themselves out in crude colours and by the liberal use of pinkwash, though there are remaining a few eighteenth-century houses of more pretension, if, on the whole, in a sad state of disrepair. Though there is little to attract the hillclimber, the healthseeker, the sportsman, or the weekending motorist, the contemplative may, if sufficiently attracted to spare it some leisurely hours, find, in its cobbled streets and its little fishing harbour, in its several curious customs, and in the conversation of its local ‘characters,’ some of that picturesque sense of the past so frequently lacking in towns and villages which have kept more abreast of the times.

Page Number: 26
Explanation and Analysis:

A tiny dingle is Milk Wood
By Golden Grove ‘neath Grongar,
But let me choose and oh! I should
Love all my life and longer

To stroll among our trees and stray
In Goosegog Lane, on Donkey Down,
And hear the Dewi sing all day,
And never, never leave the town.

Related Characters: Reverend Eli Jenkins (speaker), Voice of a Guide-Book
Page Number: 28
Explanation and Analysis:

We are not wholly bad or good
Who live our lives under Milk Wood,
And Thou, I know, wilt be the first
To see our best side, not our worst.

Related Symbols: Milk Wood/Llareggub Hill
Page Number: 87
Explanation and Analysis:
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Voice of a Guide-Book Character Timeline in Under Milk Wood

The timeline below shows where the character Voice of a Guide-Book appears in Under Milk Wood. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Under Milk Wood
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Storytelling and Ordinary Life  Theme Icon
Resilience and Redemption   Theme Icon
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The Voice of a Guide-Book describes the town of Llareggub, which is home to less than 500 people, and which... (full context)