V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta


Alan Moore

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Guy Fawkes Mask

Arguably the most important symbol in V for Vendetta—and certainly the most recognizable—is the Guy Fawkes mask that V wears. In modern society in general, this mask has become a symbol of anarchism, revolution…

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Valerie’s Letter

When Evey Hammond is confined to a prison cell and tortured every day, her only comfort is the letter she finds in her cell. This letter was written by a woman named Valerie—a lesbian…

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Lady Justice

At the Old Bailey—a famous London building—there is an old iron statue of Lady Justice, the personification of the law. For different characters in V for Vendetta, Lady Justice symbolizes different things. To…

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The Head / The Eye / The Finger / The Nose / The Ear

Each of the different institutions of the Norsefire government is named after a different body part: the Head represents the Leader’s offices on Downing Street (the location of the real-life headquarters of the Prime…

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Voice of Fate

At the beginning of the graphic novel, the Norsefire regime broadcasts information to its people, making use of the “Voice of Fate.” Lewis Prothero, a large man with a splendid, authoritative voice…

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“V” symbol

At many points in the graphic novel, V defaces government posters and buildings by carving a “V” symbol. The symbol is simple: a circle with two diagonal slashes through it, forming the letter “V.” The…

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Throughout the graphic novel, V kills his enemies and commemorates their deaths by placing roses on their dead bodies. It’s implied that V got the idea to plant roses on each of his victims after…

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