Henry David Thoreau

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Canadian woodchopper Character Analysis

A man who happens upon Thoreau's house. Thoreau spends a bit of time getting to know him, describing him as a stout, simple man who likes to hunt and eat woodchucks and other wild game of the woods, loves his work of cutting down trees and does it well, and lives alone. Thoreau says that the animal aspect of the woodchopper's nature has been developed, making him happy and strong, but the intellectual and spiritual aspect has been neglected. When Thoreau asks him some philosophical questions, his answers impress Thoreau in their unpretentiousness.
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Canadian woodchopper Character Timeline in Walden

The timeline below shows where the character Canadian woodchopper appears in Walden. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Self-Reliance Theme Icon
Work Theme Icon
Simplicity Over "Progress" Theme Icon
Solitude and Society Theme Icon
Nature Theme Icon
Transcendentalism, Spirituality, and the Good Life Theme Icon
Once, Thoreau spent some time with a Canadian woodchopper (he chooses not to print his name), a simple man, healthy and stout, who interested... (full context)