Henry David Thoreau

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An Irishman and neighbor of Thoreau's living at Baker Farm. Once, in a rainstorm, Thoreau retreats into a hut for shelter and finds John and his family there. John complains about how hard he works, but when Thoreau tells him it is possible to work less and live a better life, John demurs, not seeing any other way to exist. Thoreau describes John as honest but unambitious.
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John Field Character Timeline in Walden

The timeline below shows where the character John Field appears in Walden. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Baker Farm
Self-Reliance Theme Icon
Work Theme Icon
Simplicity Over "Progress" Theme Icon
Solitude and Society Theme Icon
Nature Theme Icon
Transcendentalism, Spirituality, and the Good Life Theme Icon
...says, it began to rain, so he went into the nearest hut, where he found John Field , an Irishman, and his family waiting out the storm. Thoreau describes John as honest... (full context)