Timon of Athens
Shakescleare Translation

Timon of Athens Translation Act 5, Scene 3

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Enter a Soldier, seeking TIMON


By all description this should be the place. Who's here? speak, ho! No answer! What is this? Timon is dead, who hath outstretch'd his span: Some beast rear'd this; there does not live a man. Dead, sure; and this his grave. What's on this tomb I cannot read; the character I'll take with wax: Our captain hath in every figure skill, An aged interpreter, though young in days: Before proud Athens he's set down by this, Whose fall the mark of his ambition is.


This looks like the place as it was described to me. Who's there? Speak up! No Answer! What is going on? Timon has reached his final days. He is dead. Some horrible animal must have done this, for all men seem beasts to me now. He is definitely dead, and there is his grave. I cannot read what's written on his tomb. I'll use wax to mold out the lettering. My captain can read any kind of lettering, for despite being young he's an experienced interpreter. In front of Athens the man whose ambition was his downfall is set down by these words.