A Farewell to Arms


Ernest Hemingway

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A Farewell to Arms: Chapter 36 Summary & Analysis

Emilio wakes Henry in the middle of that night and tells him that the military police have found him and plan to arrest him in the morning. He advises Henry to use his boat to escape to Switzerland. Henry wakes Catherine up. They hurry out into the rain and down to the dock. Emilio gives Henry and Catherine some sandwiches and brandy, and shows Henry how to row across the lake to the Swiss side. Henry gives him 50 lire for the food and promises to send 500 francs for the boat once he is settled in Switzerland.
Once again, it is raining when characters move from one place to another, signalling that there are some things they can never escape. Notice how Henry insists on repaying Emilio for his help. Now his own man, Henry is determined not to be indebted to anyone.
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