A Moveable Feast


Ernest Hemingway

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The Seasons

A Moveable Feast begins with a description of bad weather, and the book is filled with references to the seasons. Hemingway is particularly sensitive to seasonal change, and he frequently describes the way in which…

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Alcohol features significantly in A Moveable Feast, with both positive and negative associations. Hemingway enjoys drinking, and he mentions that in Europe alcohol was seen as a “normal” and “healthy” part of everyday life…

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Cafés are a hugely important part of the book, and much of the action takes place within them. Hemingway explains that there are many different types of cafés in Paris, some pleasant and some repellent…

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Hemingway rarely describes a character without mentioning their hair, and thus his descriptions of hair serve as a way of bringing the social world of the book to life in a visceral, vibrant way. Characters’…

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