A Raisin in the Sun


Lorraine Hansberry

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Mama’s Plant

Mama’s feeble plant represents her family’s deferred dreams for a better future, which have struggled to survive under the strain of life in Chicago’s South Side. Mama’s unending devotion to her small houseplant signifies her… read analysis of Mama’s Plant

Beneatha’s Hair

Beneatha’s natural hair symbolizes her pride in her African heritage and her desire to explore her African roots. After Joseph Asagai refers to Beneatha’s Caucasian-style straightened hair as “mutilated,” Beneatha reevaluates the significance of her… read analysis of Beneatha’s Hair

The Insurance Payment

The insurance payment that results from Big Walter’s death illustrates the tremendous sacrifice that makes at least some of the Youngers’ dreams a reality. As Mama tells Ruth, Big Walter “finally worked hisself to… read analysis of The Insurance Payment